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CSD 420 Spring 2020 Enrollment Reminder

Dear Students, CSD420 does not require permission as this is open to all students, including non-CSD students. There are three sections. These classes are available on a first come, first serve basis. If the course reaches enrollment capacity, you are advised to place your name on the waitlistThere are no overrides for this course. It fills quickly and then the computer generates a permission for the next student on the waitlist should the course opens up.
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Peer Advisor Office Hour Canceled-4/8/2020

Hello all!

I am needing to cancel my office hour on WebEx tomorrow (4/8). Please feel free to email me at, if you have any questions.

The office hours will continue regularly as scheduled next week!

Thank you for understanding,
Kimberly LaVacca, Peer Advisor

Choosing a Graduate School - Spring 2020

Choosing a graduate program is a big decision to make and requires the consideration of many factors in finding a school that best suits your needs. Below is a compiled list of questions to consider when choosing a graduate program. These questions were composed by a first year SLP graduate student based on questions that were helpful in making their decision. Please know that these questions are simply suggestions on what to consider and are not intended to be an exhaustive list. Good luck choosing a graduate program and congratulations on beginning this new chapter of your education!

1.What types of clinical practicum opportunities are offered or available in the program? (university clinic, school/hospital placements, etc.)
2.Do I have a graduate assistantship offer or is there a chance I will receive one? Are there other opportunities to apply for graduate positions at the university? Are there scholarship opportunities available to me?
3.What does the faculty consist of at the uni…

CSD Progression Reminder for Sophomores - Spring 2020

Dear sophomores,
With registration for Fall of 2020 starting on April 13th, now is a great time to take stock of your hard work in your CSD courses and to plan ahead. As a friendly reminder, the foundation courses - CSD207, CSD208 and CSD209 - require a letter grade of C or better to move on to the upper level CSD coursework. Remember these grades also will be important for the graduate school applications in your future.
Please take this opportunity to evaluate how you are doing in these courses.
If you are doing well, congratulations and keep up the hard work!
If you have any concerns about your current performance (such as one or more C grade across 207, 208, and 209), this is a good time to reflect on the goals for your undergraduate career. You are encouraged to communicate with your instructor(s) and advisor. If you decide that it would be beneficial to explore potential opportunities and major/career paths other than CSD that may provide a better platform for your strengths and int…

Peer Advising Office Hour Update Spring 2020

Hi all!

I have now set my weekly office hour times for peer advising.

Tuesday's: 10:00am-11:00am
Wednesday's: 12:00pm-1:00pm

If you would like to stop by for office hours, please click on the link below. You just need to make sure you have WebEx installed on your computer! You are welcome to audio chat with me, or type in questions if you do not feel comfortable doing that. 

I will not have my video on due to hopes in preserving bandwidth!

I hope to chat with you all soon,

Kimberly LaVacca, Peer Advisor

Peer Advisor Office Hour 3/27/20

Hello all!

I will be holding an office hour tomorrow (3/27/2020) at 11:00am-12:00pm on WebEx. You can enter the meeting simply by clicking the link below and it will take you to my room.You just need to make sure you have WebEx installed on your computer!

You are welcome to audio chat with me, or type in questions if you do not feel comfortable doing that. 

I hope that some of you are able to join in with me tomorrow! I will be holding more office hours, they just may not be at the same time for each session:)

Please email me if you have questions at

Kimberly LaVacca, Peer Advisor

Undergrad Grade Options - Advice for CSD *Spring 2020 RE: COVID-19*

Dear CSD students, You have received information from the University regarding the option of completing courses this semester as credit/no-credit. Here are some important considerations for your CSD courses. SOPHOMORES: Per the University announcement, course prerequisites that require a letter grade will not be satisfied with a “CR” grade. CSD207, CSD208, and CSD209 require a letter grade of “C” or better to move onto the 300 level coursework. Thus, credit/no-credit would not meet this requirement.  FOR ALL OTHERS:

For a large majority of students, an undergraduate education in CSD marks the beginning of a career in CSD, and so graduate school and professional certification requirements must be carefully considered before electing to take a course as credit/no-credit. For courses that require demonstration of competency (e.g., PHYS, CHEM), a letter grade of “C” is generally recommended. The CSD upper-class coursework fulfill graduate training prerequisites and contribute to the major GPA.…