NSSLHA is offering scholarships fro current sophomores and juniors! If you are interested please check out the link below! The application deadline is December 4.

Hello Sophomores!

Welcome to Fall 2017! Please visit the CSD blog frequently to answer many of your advising needs. Take advantage of our wonderful peer advisors, Janie Jacobs and Laura Nygard (office hours: Tuesday's 9-10:30am and Wednesday's 1:45-3:15pm). Dr. Lee is available in HBS 1015 on Thursday afternoons 1-2:30pm or by appointment, and Dr. Piker is available in HBS 1030 on Wednesday mornings 9-11:30am or by appointment.

Students A-N will refer to Dr. Lee for advising, students O-Z will refer to Dr. Piker for advising.
Have a great semester,
Dr. Lee & Dr. Piker

Obtaining a good GPA is essential for acceptance into graduate school.  Although senior year may feel far away, your GPA now will impact your GPA in the future.  Please look at the graph below.  Are you on track to achieve your goals?