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Article on Advice for Students Applying to Grad School Fall 2019

Hello all! Below is an article that has some advice on tips and tricks to consider when applying to graduate school. It is written by an Online Graduate SLP student here at JMU. Please consider reading, it may help you have some piece of mind during this process!


More on the Author:
Jessica Kauffman is an online MS SLP student at James Madison University. She's currently completing her final clinical placement in a Seattle-area private practice. Following her Clinical Fellowship year, she plans to pursue a PhD with focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Second Senior Grad School Session Fall 2019

Attention CSD Seniors!

I will be holding the second information session next Tuesday, October 15th at 12:45 about all things Grad School! Please come to SSC 4042 if you have any questions, or need clarfications. If you attended the first session, please feel free to come to this one if you still want to ask questions!

I will be covering topics from How to pick schools, to formatting resumes.

Have a great weekend and see you there!

Kimberly LaVacca, Peer Advisors

NSSLHA Grad Night Fall 2019

Hello all!

NSSLHA will be hosting their Grad Night tonight at 7pm! It will be located at HBS 1051, and Dr. Timler and Dr. Rout will be attending to talk about applying to grad school. This is will be a great opportunity to learn about the application process from two professors!