Friday, November 2, 2018

New Elective

Dr. Christina Kuo is offering CSD 490-0003: Special Studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders in the upcoming Spring semester as an elective.

This is a 3-credit seminar course that is a focused study of selectted topics in communication sciences and disorders. The course will offer opportunities to examine clinically and theoretically relevant issues in research on human communication and aims at highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of communication sciences and disorders. The nature of the course will also provide opportunities for exposure to research and research methods. The course will incorporate hands-on learning experiences such as literature review, labs, and writing exercises.

The topic emphasis for Spring 2018 will be on the understanding of speech, and through an examination of this, speech production, perception, and relevant topics will be surveyed. Understanding of speech, or intelligibility, is a topic relevant for speech, language, as well as hearing sciences and associated disciplines and fields of study. Effective communication requires that a person produces speech signals that are sufficient for the communication partner to receive and decode. The underlying mechanisms associated with intelligibility, the theoretical development of a framework for understanding intelligibility, and its clinical relevance will be considered.

Approval and permission is required for enrollment in this course. If interested, contact Dr. Kuo (